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Dream and dream some more…

As the launch date for my venture gets closer, tension rises, this is it, moment of truth. All eyeballs are on the prey, armed with pre-conceived notions of failure or success, each has their reasons, each has their logic. Game … Continue reading

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What is an entrepreneur?

I read this great article about entrepreneurship… Is it an art or a science? Here is an extract from the article for you to think about and I will also add my views from my experience so far…

“Fact: Entrepreneurship is an irrational pursuit. Founding a company–much less one that could- change the world – entails insane amounts of risk, ridiculously low chances of success and zero work-life balance”

I must say that for me, it is not a black or white situation. Entrepreneurship is a combination of art and science… How so? 

Well, it is an art because you got to have the personal traits to start a business, at the end of the day, you must have a sense of adventure in you, the ambition to build something bigger than yourself and that will stand the test of time as well as the willpower to pursue your dreams no matter how hard that road may be.

Frankly, I think, you have to be careful in balancing your life, but I’m afraid to say, that building a company will take a lot of your personal time, so choosing this path is a very serious decision that needs to be weighed in, you got to know what you’re getting into.

It is a science as well because ideas don’t just “drop in” on you… There is no “light bulb” moment as much as you would like to think there is. In the case that you get this “light bulb” moment, then be sure that this moment is the culmination of days, weeks, months and even years of experience and thinking. Your environment, your work experience and the amount of effort you put in improving yourself will all count when it comes to starting a company. It is a serious and huge investment of resources, being money, time, sanity, you name it. 

I really admire those young entrepreneurs who are trying to do something with their lives… Quite frankly, if I were 20 and starting a company, I would be terrified. It is a very big challenge to build something big and I believe experience goes a long way in having a slight chance to be successful. 

So, I hope this article got you thinking if you’re planning on starting something… At the end, entrepreneurship is a blend of art and science and I truly believe that it’s up to each individual to nourish the traits of entrepreneurship if they chose to go down that path… everything can be learned provided that you put in the effort. As simple as that… A bit of luck will also help your case 🙂 

Happy Friday!


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