What happens when we die?


Loulou, be nice, courteous, friendly, caring, loving, helping, smiling.

Loulou, be smart, be a winner, be mature, marry, work hard.

Loulou, look good, speak properly, don’t swear.

Loulou is dead! May God bless her soul.

It will eventually happen and then what? Life goes on. Someone will (maybe) say a nice speech at my tomb, someone might shed a tear, but half an hour later, everyone will go about their daily business.

Rewind a little until I am 30 years old. Where am I on the “social behavior scale”? Do I pass? Am I a winner?  Have I been caring enough? I have come to the realization that I must respectfully decline the invitation to join the party. The party where everyone participates in assigning a grade to my life.

We spend our entire lives masking our inner “bitch” why? because no one likes a bitch! Life as a popularity contest comes with a small disclaimer that often no one reads… We will become miserable and borderline insignificant.

We are born young and wild then comes our schooling and our grooming to become better people. We are hereby taught the rules. We are scolded for being different and and praised for conforming. As we grow older, expectations mount and are often unmet! We often catch ourselves in a “mea culpa” state of mind, whiplashing ourselves for falling short. Every word is weighed, every action is analyzed and we mostly end up retreating behind our masks, lay low, and please.

Is this the life we were born to live? Are we mere players in some giant conspiracy? Who knows! The point is that at some point, we must remove our masks and let the world see us for who we are. There is no “good” or “bad”. It is all a matter of perception.

So I invite everyone to embrace our “inner bitch”. It is really ok not to be everyone’s best friend, it is really ok not to live to please everyone. It is however very important to please ourselves.

What happens when we die? There are many answers to this question but one thing is for sure, what we should really care about is what happens as we live. It is definitely worth assessing how thick and bland our mask has become and then decide on whether we would like to remove it in order to live a more fulfilling life graded by ourselves and not by the collective majority.

What happens when we die? We want to be remembered for something unique to each one of us and for having stood for something.

What happens when we die? We want to be damn certain that we lived life to the fullest.

Happy start of the week!


About Loulou Khazen Baz

Entrepreneur and rebel. Founder of nabbesh.com, the Middle East's Skills Marketplace. My blog captures my thoughts on my entrepreneurial journey as well as my views on matters I care about such as the Middle East region and Women's rights. My favorite quote by John A. Shedd sets the tone of my blog: “A ship in a harbour is safe, but this is not what a ship is built for”. So after spending my life building my own ship, meticulously crafting it, engineering it, and testing it, it’s time for the ship to sail. I’ve set the course and started my journey.
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